Binoculars with Camera Technology Built-in

Binoculars with CameraEven just 15 years ago, the world of binoculars was pretty much unchanged ever since these products were first created oh so long ago.
The moment that the digital camera world began to explode in popularity is the moment that binoculars changed forever.
Now, you can invest in a high quality piece of equipment that not only allows you to zoom in closely to a target hundreds and hundreds of yards away – but you can also snap a high quality photo of that target with the same device!

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Binoculars with camera technology built right in have become amazingly popular in just the last few years, and for good reason.
That being said, you’re going to want to pay close attention to the information below concerning binoculars with camera technology built right in, if only to make sure that you purchase the right pieces of equipment moving forward.

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The Best Binoculars with Camera Technology Available

The table below will give you an idea of what are the best and worst binoculars with camera technology in the market today.

Bushnell ImageView Digital Camera Binocular8x303201.33.6$$
Meade CaptureView Digital Camera Binocular 8x4237623.2$$
BARSKA 8x32mm Binocular Camera 8x3233083$$
Vivitar Binocular Digital Camera 10x253031.32.9$
Vivitar MagnaCam Binocular Digital Camera 10x253031.32.4$
The Sharper Image 10x25 Camera Binoculars 10x25N/AN/A1.9$
Bushnell 118328 Imageview 12mp 720p 8x30310121.6$$

Table Legend:

  • Size: Size of the binoculars e.g. Magnification x Lens Diameter
  • Field of View (FOV): Measurement of what can be seen through the binoculars
  • Megapixel: Is the resolution of the camera technology
  • Rating: Rating provided by reviews on
  • Cost: $$ = Average Price, $ = Low Priced

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Purchase High Quality Binoculars, First and Foremost

Before you even begin to consider investing in a pair of binoculars with camera technology built-in that includes:

  • High zoom capabilities
  • The ability to snap photos in crystal-clear clarity
  • Tones of camera storage space

You need to make sure that you are purchasing a high quality set of binoculars in the first place.
Binoculars with CameraAfter all, you need to make sure that you have binoculars that are useful for your application and can provide you with all of the power and magnification you need on a regular basis.
Even the best camera technology will be a tremendous letdown as you won’t be able to get close enough to get the right shot.
Really break down exactly what you expect from your new binoculars with camera technology, but first starting from a point of considering these binoculars as though they didn’t have cameras on board at all.
This is going to guarantee that you get a high quality piece of equipment and not some “run-of-the-mill” set of binoculars with a world class camera attached – the rough equivalent of pumping jet fuel into a Ford Edsel.


Pay Close Attention to the Specifications for Binoculars with Camera Equipment Built-in

Once you have outlined exactly what kind of binoculars you need (or what kind of features you need to be included in that platform), then and only then is it time to begin considering camera specifications.
The original binoculars with camera technology included rudimentary digital cameras that were only capable of snapping grainy photographs (and maybe 10 or 15 of them at max capacity) – but those days are dead and gone
Now, you can invest in binoculars with camera technology that rivals the same kind of camera technology you would find in a professional DSLR.
We’re talking about 16 megapixels or more, the ability to store hundreds (and potential even thousands) of photographs right on board, and all kinds of extra-large sensors that allow you to take fantastic photographs in almost any lighting condition.
Obviously, you’re probably going to be leaning on the zoom capabilities of the lenses that your binoculars are built with – though there are some binoculars with camera technology built-in that take advantage of “adapters” and allow you to squeeze extra zoom capabilities out of your favorite set of glass.
Last but not least, you’ll want to make sure that you are investing in binoculars with camera technology that is as future proof as possible.
You don’t want to purchase something that is going to be obsolete in just a few years, even though (with the rate of technology today) it may seem like everything on the market is headed that way right now!


Usage is Absolutely Everything when Purchasing this Equipment

Another key point of consideration that you want to focus on is just how easy to use your new binoculars with camera technology are.
Binoculars with CameraBecause you are adding a digital camera to elite level binoculars, the odds are fantastic that the weight is going to go up on your binoculars – sometimes considerably.
This may or may not be a deal-breaker for some, but it’s almost always going to be a factor that you need to consider in before you pull the trigger on a purchase.
Secondly, you need to make sure that you feel completely comfortable using the binoculars as is, while also having no trouble whatsoever manipulating the camera part without ever having to take your eyes off of the lenses.
This is the only way to efficiently and effectively use them, and it requires smart placement of the camera technology throughout.


Special Features you May Want to Invest Extra For

You’ll also want to investigate whether or not it’s smart to purchase binoculars with camera technology that include features like:

Binoculars with Camera

  • Night vision capabilities
  • Waterproof capabilities
  • Shockproof capabilities
  • Or any other special features that you have had your eye on

The price is obviously going to go up with each and every single special feature that you desire, but considering the fact that you might get 10 or more years out of a binoculars investment it may not add all that much to the sticker price to get everything you want.

Adapting your Traditional Binoculars for Use with an External Camera

If you simply can’t bring yourself to pull the trigger on binoculars with camera technology built right in, you may consider the different adaptive technologies out there that allow you to use your digital camera with your binoculars.

Binoculars with Camera

Most of the time, these pieces of equipment are cost prohibitive (you could almost by binoculars with camera technology on board for the same price as these adapters), and they may not work as seamlessly as the binoculars/camera setup would.

Closing Thoughts

There are a number of different things that you’re going to want to consider before you decide to invest in high quality binoculars with camera technology.
However, hopefully the above information provides you with just enough insight to start the decision-making process – and at the very least enough information to do a bit more research to find out if binoculars with camera technology is up your alley.

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